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Roundabout Rosewood
September 2009

What's Happening?
It’s been a pleasant summer at Rosewood. The residents have enjoyed many hours sitting on the veranda, going for walks on the Confederation Trail, and in the Dr. Ellis Heritage park across the road. Some of the residents went to see the Anne and Gilbert show at Jubilee Theatre in Summerside.

Our new chair lift is up and running and gets used constantly. Some of the nicest and largest rooms are on the lower level and they are now an option for anyone who can’t walk upstairs. We presently have five residents who live on the lower level.

Loren Stewart, a long-time resident had a hospital admission and is now living at the Garden Home. Your friends at Rosewood wish you well Loren, and hope you are enjoying your new surroundings!

Wallace and Joyce MacInnis from Rose Valley moved in recently and are adjusting quite well. Ralph Frizzell is also back living at Rosewood. Welcome back Ralph.

Happy Birthday
Ralph Clark - August 11
Ada Smith - September 17.

Did You Know?
Sometimes people ask us "What does it mean to be a licensed community care facility?" Basically, it means that we are one of the 37 facilities that provide housing and care to seniors and disabled adults who meet the requirements as stipulated in the Community Care Facilities and Nursing Homes Act. Rosewood was actually one of the first homes to receive a license on PEI in the 1980s.

You may have heard in the news recently about a new agreement put in place between the Government of PEI and operators of Licensed Community Care Facilities. This agreement is specifically about the subsidy rate that the government provides to people who can’t afford the full cost of the services we provide. Basically, if people can’t pay the full rate, the Government pays the rest. The agreement also included new operational and care service standards for all licensed community care facilities on the Island. The standards focus on six areas: management and administration, licensing, resident care, physical environment and security, social environment and personnel. We have many annual inspections at Rosewood to ensure that we are meeting all of the regulations and standards, and this ensures that our residence receive high quality care.

Our staffing has been quite stable lately which is the way we like it. Laurie Jones is our newest staff member and she loves working at Rosewood. She has been filling in for people on vacation and doing activities with the residents.

Get Involved
Do you have something to share with us? We are interested! A funny story? A family tale? Some news to tell? We want you to enrich our newsletter. If you would like to contribute to our monthly newsletter please let us know. We will even help you write it if you like!

Quote of the Month
"You should hope for enough happiness to make you sweet, enough trials to make you strong, enough sorrow to keep you human, and enough hope to make you happy."

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Carol Weeks

Rosewood Senior Residence – Hunter River, PEI

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