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Roundabout Rosewood
November 2008

What's Happening?
Greetings from Rosewood! We have already had a little blast of winter and had to juggle staff around to cover the shifts. We appreciate the willingness of the staff to come in early or stay late or come with an overnight bag packed just in case. Thank-you David, Joanne, Julie, Karen, Marlene, Jane, Jessie, Gail, Roxanne, and Christine.
We are enjoying the spaciousness resulting from the renovations done last summer. The smoking room on the main level had to go and it’s now a nursing station/reception area. A new floor and paint job put the finishing touch to the job.

Our newest staff member, Christine, who also works at another community care/nursing home told me she likes working at Rosewood because it’s like one big happy family. To me that spoke volumes. A family cares about each other and at Rosewood, I see that happening. The residents and staff care about each other.

Lester Ross has been discharged from Rosewood and is at present a patient at the QEH. Lester thought of Rosewood as home and calls every day to talk to the staff. We are thinking of you Lester and wishing you well.

The Christmas party will be on December 13 from 2-4 p.m. Relatives and friends of the residents are invited to come. There will be entertainment and a scrumptious lunch. The staff party is at Papa Joe’s this year on December 20. We exchange gifts and have a fun time socializing.

Happy Birthday
Audrey Warren – November 8
David Poole – November 10
William Gallant – November 26

Carol Weeks

Rosewood Senior Residence – Hunter River, PEI

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