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Roundabout Rosewood
March 2009

What's Happening?
It’s March 24, and wasn’t it a change to wake up to another
snowstorm this morning!!! Des Garth has been shoveling out the doors and walkways this winter. Thanks, Des, but don’t put the shovels away just yet!
I hope that by the time the April issue is being read we are getting warm April showers to bring on the May flowers.

We had to say goodbye to Alice Edwards who moved to the Atlantic Baptist nursing home. Rosewood was her home for almost 11 years. We miss you Alice!

Our newest resident is Patricia MacDonald from Winsloe. Welcome Patricia!

Happy Birthday
Vernon Morrison - March 10
Jessie Gass - March 10
Patricia MacDonald - March 17
Helen Woolner - March 25
Margaret Taylor - April 24

Did You Know?
One service that we provide that not many people know about is respite care. This is temporary care that is often needed by people who need to come to Rosewood when they are recovering from an illness or hospitalization, or when those providing care to them are unable to for a short period of time. This time could range from a few days to several months.

On April 24 at 2 pm, we are fortunate to be having a performance at Rosewood Residence of “Flash in the Pan.” It is a musical in which a sourdough reminisces about the Klondike Gold Rush of 1898, telling tall tales, singing whymsical songs and reciting the poems of Robert W. Service. It is performed by Hank Stinson and Sean Ferris with the Young at Heart Musical Theatre Company for Seniors. Any seniors in the area are welcome to come to this free show that is being performed at many homes for seniors across PEI. You will enjoy it!

Get Involved
Do you have something to share with us? We are interested! A funny story? A family tale? Some news to tell? We want you to enrich to our newsletter. If you would like to contribute to our monthly newsletter please let us know. We will even help you write it!

Quotes of the Month
We grow old not so much by living but by losing interest in living.
There’s not much wrong with the younger generation that becoming a parent and taxpayer won’t cure.
It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it.
A fellow who is always declaring he’s no fool usually has his

Carol Weeks

Rosewood Senior Residence – Hunter River, PEI

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